Our purpose is to build a brighter economic future for the Indigenous in Akiak, Alaska

Our pathway to independence and prosperity

Akiak, Alaska

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Tribal-Owned, Tribal-Managed


Akiak Holdings is committed to providing its employees with the tools to do their best work. Here’s a few ways we celebrate, recognize, and reward the value created from our employees:


  • Total rewards approach. We offer fair pay to help you save enough, protect enough, and have enough—because it’s what we do. Our life enhancing benefits include physical, emotional, mental, and financial wellbeing programs.
  • More than just a job. We help you understand our government customers in meaningful ways. And you’ll understand our vision, so you can prioritize your work and deliver value.
  • Respect for your unique perspective. What we do matters. We provide an environment based on integrity, inclusion, and trust.
  • Continuous learning while doing challenging work. We welcome innovative ideas from all employees. You get to try new things, do important work, and make a difference.
  • Work-life flexibility. You can have a great career and a great life. We provide the flexibility you need to best fit your work and your life.


  • Population of 560 tribal residents
  • 3.1 Square Miles
  • Average climate is 55 degrees
  • 99 students who attend Akiak School 
  • Average household size: 3.8
  • 64 percent of households use heating oil
  • 1 airport runway
  • Akiak Native Community is a federally recognized Tribe




The Akiak Native Community is the name of our tribe. It is a federally recognized tribe.


Values we Live By

With instruction and support from our elders, coworkers and peers, we must teach each other our Yup’ik Values to guide us and solve our complex modern challenges. We serve our native village of Akiak as a trusted partner that can innovate and implement solutions and share the vision to achieve and maintain an enriching, cultural identity, economic self-reliance and strong tribal government. 


We not only share with one another, but with the world so as to recognize and acknowledge the interconnectedness of the universe. We share our profits with our community to build a richer future for all our citizens.  


Through the wisdom of our elders, we learn through observation, experimentation and reflection to support our families and communities. Our approach is driven by example by displaying a strong work ethic and working together. 


The Yupiaq worldview is premised on cooperation between the human and natural worlds, adapting to the circadian rhythm of the universe. Mutual support shapes the way we see the world. 


In our Yupiaq worldview there is no need to separate the things of earth into living versus nonliving. The earth is sacred, and the way we genuinely live should do no harm to Mother earth.




Our Core Values

We are responsible for the survival of Yup’ik history, language and spirituality. We promote Yup’ik values through education, teaching and living our  Yup’ik ways.


Yup’ik Values and Traditions

To promote, support and encourage tribal business development across a range of industries that contributes to the Tribe’s long-term health, wealth and economic self-sufficiency.


Through Economic Development


We build collaborative alliances with Tribes, organizations, government, and commercial business partners to bring together combined expertise and capabilities to increase business opportunities.


To Build Alliances That Last

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